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Road Maintenance – April 2015

The Blackheath CID cleansing team had a very productive month and succeeded in sweeping, mowing and getting rid of weeds and other alien vegetation throughout the area. Their next task is to tidy up the whole of Range Road and to especially look at verge levelling. The Blackheath Industrial Area is slowly but surely improving …

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Verge upgrades – April 2015

Verge upgrades are still on-going in the area with Shar Civils still busy with the NMT lane projects and pushing hard to finish up at the end of May. Range Road is in its final stages and there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in School Road. Essential stormwater and …

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City offers cash rewards to flush out illegal dumpers

The City’s Safety and Security Directorate is extending its informant reward system to clamp down on illegal dumping, which costs the City an estimated R350 million annually. _ The City of Cape Town is incorporating its informant reward system into the fight against illegal dumping. A policy relating to rewards was adopted by the City …

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New business to the Area

Kohler Signs are a road sign manufacturing company based in Anfield Road, Blackheath Industria. They design, manufacture and install the full range of road signs available to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) standards, SA Road Traffic Act requirements and to National / Provincial and Municipal special requirement. Unlike any other sign company they have …

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Social Responsibility Update

Both ECD centres are doing exceptionally well. Both the Happy Feet Crèche and Apilayo Amanzi Grade “R” Schools have full classes and work through a tight educational programme every day. The teachers are doing their best to educate the children of the community. Both Schools are working with a full daily programme and ensure that …

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Blackheath City Improvement District News – January 2015

Welcome to the November edition of the Blackheath City Improvement District Newsletter. Much has transpired since the initial start of the Blackheath Non-motorised Transport (NMT) project.  We are addressing our own “injustices of the past” in Blackheath by bringing the infrastructure up to an acceptable level.  Addressing drainage and infrastructure in general whilst adding NMT …

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Bush Clearing alongside Wimbledon Road

Since last year we have been struggling with the Provincial Government to clear the public open space along Wimbledon Road and just did not see the danger in the trees blocking visibility on public open space.  ST3 Security, our Security provider of visible Security patrols within the public open space, brought it to our attention …

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Verge upgrades

Range Road Shar Civils, being the contractor on the Non-motorised Transport (NMT) lanes project, is making good progress and will be completing the entire area NMT project around the end of March 2015.  The contractor is currently busy with the section that stretches from the Blackheath Station until the Stellenbosch Arterial Road.  The intersection at …

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Our Schools

Happy Feet Crèche     Over the festive season the children of Happy Valley community manage to destroy and vandalised Happy Feet Crèche, the community hall was ripped apart, toilets been damaged and criminals managed to get in the crèche but did not steal anything. We ask business owners to please assist in any way …

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Load Shedding

Please see the following tips and precautions to take, this will help to minimise damages to your property and contents during this time. Backup batteries for fences and gates: To ensure that electric fencing and gates still work during a blackout, it is imperative that backup batteries are installed and maintained. Install surge protectors: Homeowners …

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