Why invest in Blackheath?

The Blackheath industrial node is situated within the greater Kuilsriver area and is well-known for being one of Cape Town’s most established and best located industrial areas. It is situated on the Stellenbosch arterial near the famous Cape Winelands, Cape Town International Airport and in close proximity to the N1 and N2 via the R300. It is also located close to the suburbs of Bluedowns and Bellville and the preferred industrial location for many businesses in the Western Cape.
Blackheath presents a compelling investment opportunity for several compelling reasons. The concerted efforts of the Blackheath CID in gentrification and urban upliftment have resulted in a safer, well-maintained environment, boasting record-low crime statistics, upgraded roads, and improved street lighting. The area’s diverse economic activity, including thriving industries in manufacturing, logistics, and services, provides a stable economic foundation.
  1. Economic Activity: Blackheath is known for its diverse economic activity. It is home to a mix of small businesses, industrial parks, and commercial enterprises. The area hosts a range of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and services.
  2. Transportation Hub: Highlight Blackheath’s accessibility by public transportation. Mention any major bus or train routes that serve the area, and note if there are plans for further transportation development.
  3. Future Development Plans: If there are any known or proposed future developments or projects in the area, discuss them. This could include plans for new infrastructure, housing developments, or commercial zones.

With a sense of community and a potential for property appreciation, Blackheath stands as a promising investment destination in Cape Town.

Why do business in Blackheath?

Strategically nestled at the heart of Brackenfell, Kuils River, Stellenbosch, Somerset West, and Cape Town Airport, Blackheath presents an unparalleled investment opportunity. The district’s remarkable potential is further underscored by the proactive efforts of Blackheath CID, leading the charge in revitalising and enhancing the area. Their initiatives, including bolstered security resulting in record-low crime rates, …

Development Highlights

The completion of walkways along Anfield and Trafford Roads. The installation of safe pedestrian walkways along Range Road from the Station to Wimbledon Road and in the opposite direction from the Station to Buttskop Road. The installation of curbstones to ensure that vehicles cannot overtake on the verge and strike innocent pedestrians on all major …