About Us

The BCID has been in operation since the 01st July 2005 and is a legal Section 21 Company with a minimum of 6 Directors representative of local businesses. Property Owners and the City of Cape Town approved the CID’s business plan and budget. The CID Board is made up of property owners and is run entirely by the private sector. Being a service organisation, the main focus is on boosting existing council services and generally will not involve itself in contentious issues.

The Blackheath regeneration process has been built upon the strength and pillars of successful private-public partnerships at both operational and strategic levels.


The increased demand on Municipalities for infrastructure and services has not been matched by incoming revenue.  In many cases this has led to reduced services on the ground, which left unchecked would ultimately lead to degeneration and urban decay, clearly an unacceptable situation for property owners.

Legislation makes provision for the establishment of Section 21 Companies to work hand in hand with local authorities in supplementing the basic services.  The Blackheath City Improvement District (BCID) was initiated by the Blackheath Industrial and Commercial Association and it took years of hard work to establish the CID.

What we do

  • Achieve our goals as set out in the business plan approved by property owners and the City of Cape Town
  • Assist in the creation of wealth and financial security for our members in order for them to exercise their freedom to pursue their business values
  • Have Security and cleansing personnel working in direct contact with other Government / Council Agencies to combat crime and grime and to assist businesses in the safeguarding of their personnel and assets
  • Establish relationships with the various service delivery organisations, such as Eskom, Telkom, Roads and Storm Water, Water, Sewerage etc.


  • Promote Blackheath Industria as a sought after and preferred Industrial and Commercial Node with the intention to increase property values
  • Regular marketing and other positive press based initiatives
  • Endeavour to offer a future for potential buyers and the development of new business
  • Create an environment that cares and values the safety and security of all workers and guests within the region
  • Establish an up-market Industrial Area that is tolerant, well-governed and has a process whereby issues can be addressed and resolved with local infrastructure suppliers
  • Create a competent working industry with a large skills base, further capabilities and a competitive edge
  • Support the local business community and their staff by assisting them with issues regarding their personal safety


Strive for the maintenance and integrity of:

  • Land Owners
  • Tenants
  • Staff

Strive for continuous improvement in:

  • Creating a more secure and a cleaner working environment
  • Assisting local authorities to reduce crime and grime
  • Creating substantial improvement in development indicators By Developing:
  • Strategies to improve the quality of our environment and how waste is disposed of
  • An increased awareness amongst owners, tenants and staff
  • And further being part of solutions within the areas concerned


“Membership is open to all the property owners within the Blackheath CID footprint who are encouraged to apply for membership, so that they may exercise their right to influence the business of the Blackheath CID. Membership cannot be denied and the property owner is then entitled to attend, participate and vote at the members meetings held under the auspices of the Companies Act.

Should a member be unable to attend they may give another individual their proxy to attend and vote on their behalf. Non-members may attend and participate but cannot vote and as such may thus have limited influence on the Blackheath CID’s activities.”


The CID is funded solely by property owners in Blackheath Industria.  The City of Cape Town charges a CID Levy over and above the existing property rates; this levy is paid over to the CID that in turn operates according to the approved business plan and budget.

The Levy, expressed as a cent in the Rand calculation, is based on the municipal valuation of the property and payable by all the property owners within the designated borders.


Brendan van der Merwe


021 905 0929

Brendan joined the Blackheath City Improvement District in March 2006.


Blackheath CID List of Directors

The BCID Board of Directors are listed below.  Each Director is responsible for a specific portfolio of the BCID. Mr. A.J. Smuts Director CID Management Rocla Mr. G.M. Noonan Director Finances MacAdams Baking Systems Mr. G.R.P. Ferreira Director Security Profile TJ’s Lekker Braai  Mr. J van Zyl Director Capital Projects Cape Industrial Properties Mr. C Rust …

Our Partners

The Central City Improvement District   The Cape Town Partnership The City of Cape Town ST3 Security   ADT Security Eskom   Telkom