About the BCID – What is a CID?

A City Improvement District (CID) is a precisely defined geographical area, approved by the City Council in terms of the Municipal Property Rates Act, Section 22 (Special Rates Area) and the CID bylaw – to provide complementary services in that area.

The Blackheath City Improvement District NPC is a private-public partnership formed by the property owners of a defined geographical area to provide top-up or complementary services over and above what the City of Cape Town provides. Since its establishment in July 2005, the BCID has become a model of public-private partnership between property owners and businesses, supported by the City of Cape Town.


The BCID aims to promote Blackheath Industria as a sought after and preferred Industrial and Commercial Node by:

  • Regular marketing and other positive press-based initiatives.
  • Endeavouring to offer a future for potential buyers and the development of new business.
  • Creating an environment that cares and values the safety and security of all workers and guests.
  • Establishing a clean, up-market Industrial Area that is tolerant, well-governed and has a process whereby issues can be addressed and resolved with local infrastructure owners.
  • Creating a competent working industrial node with a large skills base, growing capabilities with a competitive edge.
  • Supporting the local business community and their staff by assisting them with issues regarding their personal safety by:
    • Improving public safety.
    • Constant maintenance and cleansing.
    • Planned environmental development, including but not limited to beautifying and upgrading public areas and facilities.
    • Promoting social and economic development in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Furthermore, we aim to cultivate strong partnerships with essential service providers like Eskom, Telkom, Roads and Storm Water, Water, Sewerage, among others, for seamless operations and enhanced community well-being.


The upgrading of Safety and Security accounts for the largest portion of the CID’s annual business plan.  The CID/ST3 and ADT Partnership carry out 24/7 and 365 days of the year patrols within the CID boundaries, primarily focusing on crime prevention and reporting by proactively identifying potential security breaches. Security duties include random daily visits …


Although the City of Cape Town has a mandate to attend to the cleansing and cutting of verges and the daily sweeping of the streets, the CID has been forced to top this service up by employing our own team of cleansing staff who concentrate their efforts within the borders of the Blackheath Industrial Area.  …


Marketing Strategy: Blackheath City Improvement District and the Blackheath Industrial Area The Blackheath City Improvement District (CID) acknowledges the substantial potential within the Blackheath Industrial Area. Our objective is to attract prospective investors, fostering economic expansion, job creation, and urban advancement. This comprehensive account delineates the marketing approach embraced by the Blackheath CID to effectively …