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Happy Feet Crèche


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image012Over the festive season the children of Happy Valley community manage to destroy and vandalised Happy Feet Crèche, the community hall was ripped apart, toilets been damaged and criminals managed to get in the crèche but did not steal anything.

We ask business owners to please assist in any way possible, as currently the Crèche have no water connection to the toilets and as you can see all the toilets been vandalised.

Happy Feet Crèche started the year off with only a hand full of kids, however, numbers show that they may have up to 65 children enrolling at the school this year.  Last year the Happy Feet Crèche closed its doors with a full class room and we believe they will continue with this trend this year.




Aphilayo Amanzi

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Aphilayo Amanzi kick started their year with a full class room of 50 children and still have a few on their waiting list. This Grade “R” School also planted their own vegetable garden and are now at the point where they can provide the children with fresh vegetables.