“Membership is open to all the property owners within the Blackheath CID footprint who are encouraged to apply for membership, so that they may exercise their right to influence the business of the Blackheath CID. Membership cannot be denied and the property owner is then entitled to attend, participate and vote at the members meetings held under the auspices of the Companies Act.

Should a member be unable to attend they may give another individual their proxy to attend and vote on their behalf. Non-members may attend and participate but cannot vote and as such may thus have limited influence on the Blackheath CID’s activities.”


Alternative Water Installations

Alternative Water Installation


GreenCape have established a drought business support page.

They hope to help businesses adjust to the “New Normal” of water scarcity and have therefore mapped out the Sustainable Water Use Journey and proposed actions for each step of the journey

Click on the link below for more information:

Potential 18 Month DEDAT Artisan Development Programme


IJ and Man Diesel – 27 May 2016

The Western Cape Provincial Government has started a programme to place artisans with companies at their own cost in order to facilitate artisan training programs and specifically skills development in the workplace.

Your company could benefit from this programme!

Please follow the underlying link to the presentation and let me know by return if your company would be interested in attending a presentation and information sharing session with the Provincial Government in this regard?

You may contact me, Brendan van der Merwe, at 021 905 0929 or on to express an interest in the program or discuss the merits of this great opportunity.

Innovative companies interested in exporting invited to join Mayor to Turkey

jijGreenCape members interested in exporting or who are already exporting may be interested in this opportunity to join the Mayor to the IzmirInternational Fair, offered by the City and Wesgro.


WESGRO and the office of the Mayor of Cape Town will be arranging an exhibition to Izmir International Fair 2016 which takes place in Izmir, Turkey from 26-31 August 2016.


Izmir International Fair is a multi-product exhibition with a display a wide range of products and services. The theme for this year is Innovation and items to be showcased at this show range from the following product groups, but not limited to: Automative and Automative Sub Sectors, Durable Consumer Goods, Cosmetics , Textile, Telecommunication Technologies, Electric – Electronic Technologies, Food Products and Technologies, Medical and Chemical Technologies, Agriculture and Pharmaceutical Technologies, Construction and Construction Material Technologies, and Miscellaneous Sectors and Technologies, amongst others. A great variety of major buyers and exhibitors across the globe converge on the show to meet business partners.

Should you be interested in attending this show, please note that there are two possible options with regards to assistance and support.

OPTION 1: Companies to apply for the Individual Exhibition Fund (under EMIA scheme) to the dti.

Should this funding be approved by the dti, claims will be submitted to the dti after the event. The funding will cover the following costs for exhibitors up to:

• 100% of the cost of return flights to a maximum of R17, 000
• Maximum of R2, 300 per day for subsistence allowance to a maximum of 15 days
• Maximum cost of R20, 000 for transport samples (including forwarding and clearing charges)
• Maximum of R50, 000 for exhibition costs.

Attached are the forms and guidelines should you be interested. Applications to be submitted to the dti Campus: EMIA – TEO, Utangamiri Building, 77 Meintjies Street Sunnyside, Pretoria 0002. Please note that the completed EMIA application form, together with required supporting documentation, must be submitted by 22nd June 2016.

Should there be no funding from the dti:

Option 2: Entails Wesgro assisting companies with – 100% of the exhibition costs only.

Companies will therefore be responsible for cost of their flights, accommodation, subsistence and potentially transportation of samples.


michael matongo
assistant trade manager

t: +27 (0) 21 487 8651
m: 078 558 1679

Claire Gemmill
Events and Communications Officer
BA (Anthropology)
L +27 21 811 0250
18 Roeland St, Cape Town, 8001

Thanks and regards,

BCID Annual Survey

Dear Members

We are writing to you to request your participation in our Annual Survey to Property Owners in Blackheath Industria.

The questionnaire is a very brief document that will only take about 5 minutes to complete and return to us and is an essential tool for us to ensure that we serve you well.

Please click the link below to go to the Survey Website (or copy and paste the link into your Internet browser) and begin the survey.

Blackheath City Improvement District Questionnaire 2016

Survey link:

Thank you very much for your time and cooperation.

With very best wishes,

Brendan van der Merwe
BCID Operations Manager
082 927 0515

GreenCape 2016 Market Intelligence Reports & green economy growth

We are proud to announce the publication of GreenCape’s 2016 market intelligence reports, covering green economy opportunities in the utility-scale renewable energy, energy services, agriculture, waste and water sectors.
Utility-scale renewable energy

Energy services


Waste economy


The reports are aimed at green technology and services companies and investors that are currently active or interested in entering these sectors in South Africa, and the Western Cape specifically. Each report provides an overview of the market within the sector, including the key players, legislation and regulation, opportunities and challenges, important developments and achievements.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to our various sector desks, as detailed in the reports.

GreenCape has also produced a 6-minute video that shows the robust growth in the Western Cape green economy since 2010. Focusing on the sectors in which we work, it shows locations and projects added over time.

We would also welcome your feedback on our reports and the video. Please send any comments or suggestions to

Best regards,

Mike Mulcahy


About the NCPC-SA

The National Cleaner Production Centre of South Africa (NCPC-SA) is a national programme of government that promotes the implementation of resource efficiency and cleaner production (RECP) methodologies to assist industry to lower costs through reduced energy, water and materials usage, and waste management. It is hosted by the CSIR on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti).

The NCPC-SA is a member of UNIDO and UNEP’s global resource efficiency and cleaner production network (RECPnetPrese) and plays a leading role in the African Roundtable on Sustainable Production and Consumption (ARSCP).

Mandate & Objectives
The Team

Doing Business in South Africa 2015






Click Here for further information

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1818 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20433
Telephone: 202-473-1000; Internet:



Eskom Newsflash – January 2016






South African Leaders in Energy Management Eligible for New Global Award Organisations certified to ISO 50001 standard to elevate South Africa’s profile in clean energy

The South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI), is proud to support a prestigious new awards program to recognise companies or organisations that use an ISO 50001-certified energy management system (EnMS) to save energy and reduce costs. Energy Management Leadership Awards should generate broader global use of these proven systems and help to attain national and global climate goals. The programme is sponsored by the Energy Management Working Group (EMWG) of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), which is an active group of forward-thinking energy ministers from around the world. South Africa is a member of the EWMG.

“SANEDI is proud of the many organisations within the private sector that have earned certification to the ISO 50001 standard, and we encourage them to enter this competition,” said Mr Barry Bredenkamp, Senior Manager: Energy Efficiency, SANEDI). “By integrating energy usage into their regular business systems, these organisations are demonstrating excellent global stewardship.”

Any organisation that holds a current, third-party-verified ISO 50001 certificate is eligible to enter the competition. Each organization will need to submit a copy of their ISO 50001 certificate and a structured case study of their EnMS experience, which will be scored by an independent panel of experts.

Three organisations will receive the global CEM Award of Excellence for Energy Management. These winning organisations will be recognized at an awards ceremony during the seventh Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM7) meeting in San Francisco, California, on June 2, 2016. In addition, each organisation that submits a qualifying entry will receive an Energy Management Insight Award for helping to build global insight on the benefits of energy management systems. All accepted entries will also be published online to highlight the range of benefits achieved through the use of ISO 50001-certified energy management systems.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit the CEM Energy Management Leadership Awards program website to learn more about the award rules, entry format, scoring, and recognition. The CEM’s Clean Energy Solutions Center is also hosting an informational webinar on 21 January 21016 at 2:00 AM SAST), on this inaugural program. Entries are due 1 March 2016.

Organisations adopting the ISO 50001 standard are realising initial energy improvements of 10% or more and achieving net cost savings, mostly through low-cost or no-cost changes to operations. Worldwide implementation of ISO 50001 could potentially save 80 exajoules by 2025, reduce costs by $800 billion, and avoid 4,500 Mt of CO2 emissions1—equivalent to the annual output of 40 (500 megawatt), coal-fired power plants.

This awards programme is the latest in a series of high-impact activities launched by the CEM Energy Management Working Group (EMWG). Through the EMWG, government officials worldwide share best practices and leverage their collective expertise to accelerate the use of EnMS in industry and commercial buildings. Governments participating in the EMWG include Australia, Canada, Chile, China (observer), the European Commission, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Sweden, and the United States.

1 This analysis conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory assumes an annual 5% reduction in predicted energy consumption for the industrial and service sectors that implement ISO 50001 with a conservative adoption scenario assuming 25% by 2025 and 75% by 2050. Additional data sources used in these analyses include IEA, EIA (US DOE), and US EPA.

Issued by: SANEDI Communications on 12 January 2016
Enquiries: Barry Bredenkamp, mobile: 083 655 6891 and e-Mail: Barry Bredenkamp