Load Shedding

Please see the following tips and precautions to take, this will help to minimise damages to your property and contents during this time.

Backup batteries for fences and gates: To ensure that electric fencing and gates still work during a blackout, it is imperative that backup batteries are installed and maintained.

Install surge protectors: Homeowners are encouraged to install surge protectors in their homes, which help to stop the massive sudden flow of energy into household appliances and electronics.

Unplug your appliances: In the event that the power goes out, it is a good idea to unplug any appliance or electronic device that may be vulnerable to the power surges when the electricity comes back on, consumers can take steps to help reduce the chances of any damage from occurring.

Secure your home: In the event that the power goes out, homeowners are advised to ensure that their homes are locked up and adequately secured, in order to reduce the risk of a home burglary. “Insurance companies will assess any home burglary claims to determine whether or not the policyholder regularly secured their home and activated their alarms whenever they went out.”

Fire risks: Many consumers will use candles and other forms of devices to light up their homes during the load shedding periods in the evenings. Please be extra vigilant when using anything that has an increased fire hazard risk. “Homeowners are encouraged to have a fire extinguisher in their homes should a fire break out.”

Be alert: Criminals use load shedding as the opportune time to undertake illegal activities. “Homeowners need to be extra alert during this time, particularly when arriving or leaving the home in the evenings. Keep a torch in your car should you arrive home in the dark and need to open your perimeter security gate manually.”