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Happy Valley Informal Area Development

Dear Member, I have received many calls raising concern about the building of shacks within the Happy Valley Informal area and would like to clear up any concerns as follows: The tender for the development of the Happy Valley informal sector as well as the building of 1460 low cost houses has now been awarded …

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Infrastructure and local development

A lot has been happening as far as infrastructure is concerned and anybody who travels through Blackheath regularly will have seen a flurry of Council vehicles contractors attending to works, not just over the last few months following the World Cup, but before this event also. Storm Water: All the water canals and storm water …

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Our Business Directory is now updated

We recently updated our business directory in the Blackheath CID

Welcome to the BCID

During the last six month period we continued our fight against alien vegetation and specifically our old enemy the Port Jackson and I am proud to say that we are winning the fight.   If you compare Blackheath now to what it looked like a year ago, you will see a marked difference as far as …

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