Blackheath City Improvement District News – January 2015

Welcome to the November edition of the Blackheath City Improvement District Newsletter.

Much has transpired since the initial start of the Blackheath Non-motorised Transport (NMT) project.  We are addressing our own “injustices of the past” in Blackheath by bringing the infrastructure up to an acceptable level.  Addressing drainage and infrastructure in general whilst adding NMT lanes to ensure comfortable and safe pedestrian routes.  All this has not been without the challenges brought by the construction phase and the BCID staff have consistently noted and highlighted concerns during the development phase.

We believe that by the end of March most of the infrastructure upgrades will be complete and that the Blackheath Industrial Area would have taken another large step into the 21st Century, but also a very large “step up” to compete with other Industrial Areas in attracting the high end and more responsible property owners and tenants.  This will ensure that we can continue to uplift the area and the local property prices whilst attracting the right kind of tenant and end user, as well as visitors to the area that will promote the economy and longevity of this improvement.

We therefore remain “committed to making a difference.”