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The upgrading of Safety and Security accounts for the largest portion of the CID’s annual business plan.  The CID/ST3 and ADT Partnership carry out 24/7/365 patrols within the CID boundaries primarily focusing on crime prevention and reporting by proactively identifying potential Security breaches.

Security duties include random daily visits to members, during office hours. After hour’s visits to ensure that premises are secured, questioning suspicious persons, investigating alarms that are activated, assisting motorists and supporting collision scenes and numerous other duties, including the stop and search of trolley pushers and the monitoring of local scrap dealers.

There is a 24-Hour BCID Emergency number 086 000 2243 managed by the ADT Control room and connecting callers directly to the appropriate emergency service or the BCID Reaction unit.

The CID manages a close working relationship with the SAPS at Mfuleni and the CID Manager holds the position of Vice-Secretary on the Community Police Forum.  Weekly Security operations meetings are held and a monthly meeting is held with the station management and the local Security companies to compare crime statistics and monitor Police Operations that have taken place within the CID boundaries.

To name just a few issues, we have mobilized the police reservists working within the area by giving them bicycles to patrol the Blackheath Station and surrounding areas.  We have a 24hr Security Patrol that patrols all the major routes at peak times and we are currently negotiating the placement of a enforcement official to accompany our dedicated patrol vehicle.

The CID has a close relationship with the City’s Law Enforcement division, Metro Police, Traffic and the Fire Department.

Security Contacts

The SAPS – Mfuleni 021 909 9300 The SAPS Sector 3 Sector Vehicle – 082 411 2549 ADT Control – 086 12 12 301 ST3 Security Control Room – 021 905 3399 The BCID Emergency Line – 086 000 BCID (2243) Law Enforcement – City of Cape Town 021 569 1999