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Although the City of Cape Town has a mandate to attend to the cleansing and cutting of verges and the daily sweeping of the streets, the CID has been forced to top this service up by employing our own team of cleansing staff who concentrate their efforts within the borders of the Blackheath Industrial Area.  They also address and clear dumping in partnership with the City of Cape Town and develop the verges.  Topping up the service provided by the City of Cape Town who do not remove refuse generated by business as part of their general cleaning service provision.

Each business owner/tenant is required to enter into a contract with either the local authority or a service provider to remove this waste.  While the majority of businesses are responsible corporate citizens, it remains a challenge to stop some businesses disposing of waste on the verge, which has a significant impact on the amount of litter in the BCID area.  Dumping is illegal and the BCID urges its staff to report illegal dumping issues noted in the area to the BCID office or the Security Patrol.

Business owners are responsible for maintaining and cutting of privately owned vacant land.  The CID urges all owners and tenants to clean and manage the area in front of their business, keeping it tidy at all times.