Happy Valley Informal Area Development

Dear Member, I have received many calls raising concern about the building of shacks within the Happy Valley Informal area and would like to clear up any concerns as follows: The tender for the development of the Happy Valley informal sector as well as the building of 1460 low cost houses has now been awarded after a delay relating to an appeal that was lodged against the awarding of the tender. The project has been broken down into 16 phases and will continue this year starting at phase 1 until the 23rd of December, will then resume again in the new year and hopefully be completed by October 2013. As dwellings have already been built on tracks of land that form part of the phases of the project, these homes first have to be moved to enable development and this has resulted in the building of shacks on the reserve. These are NOT new residents, but those who are already on the housing list and who are therefore in the queue for homes and are being relocated to facilitate the development process. Please contact the CID office for any more information or if you have any matters that require confirmation or support. PS Remember to update your key-holder information with your alarm company before you go on holiday! Best December wishes, Brendan van der Merwe. 0829270515

Infrastructure and local development

A lot has been happening as far as infrastructure is concerned and anybody who travels through Blackheath regularly will have seen a flurry of Council vehicles contractors attending to works, not just over the last few months following the World Cup, but before this event also.

Storm Water:

All the water canals and storm water canals within the area have been cleared and cleaned since the 01st of June 2010. There are still those, like the ones situated in Rand Road that need to be repaired and upgraded, but this is in process and we are constantly attending to storm water issues. We hope that by now we have identified and addressed or plan to address all issues, please inform me immediately if you have an issue with Storm Water you feel may not have been flagged. Continue reading

Our Business Directory is now updated

We recently updated our business directory in the Blackheath CID

Welcome to the BCID

During the last six month period we continued our fight against alien vegetation and specifically our old enemy the Port Jackson and I am proud to say that we are winning the fight.   If you compare Blackheath now to what it looked like a year ago, you will see a marked difference as far as Port Jackson Growth is concerned.  Of course there are other remarkable improvements and upgrades, but they are for another newsletter.  Clearing occurred not only in the Industrial area, but the surrounding area around Happy Valley and the Blue Downs Court and Clinic as well.  This is all thanks to pressure from the BCID and the resultant support from Property owners, Province and Council, who all bought into the concept and supported the initiative.  From here we need to do ongoing maintenance and going forward we shall achieve better Security, a safer community and a more pleasing view of the entire area.

If you require any support or assistance with the best way to clear your property, being in the local area or not, please let me know and I will be happy to advise / support you.