Security Advisory: Safety Precautions on N2 Freeway



Dear property and business owners.  Please take note of the attached security advisory regarding safety precautions on the N2 Freeway, especially near the Cape Town International Airport.  To read the full document please click here.

BCID News for June 2014

Welcome to the slightly delayed June edition of the Blackheath City Improvement District Newsletter.

Why?  What a wonderful sight!?  What a wonderful start to the new financial year?  What a wonderful experience to see the development right across Blackheath.  9 years of hard work and hours and hours of meetings and deliberations with the City of Cape Town and …

What is there to expect?

A lot!  That is the short answer.  A list of verge upgrades, installation of kerbing and storm water infrastructure, greening projects, intersection beautification projects, Non-motorised Transport (NMT) and pedestrian ways, street lighting installations and line painting, verge clearing and mowing.  A long list of fantastic aesthetic and infrastructure improvements right throughout the Blackheath Industrial Area.

I will do a special newsletter later this month to detail and inform of the improvements in the short term relating to the current NMT and verge and intersection upgrades that will speak partly to the safe movement of staff and pedestrians through the Blackheath Industrial Area to work and Public Transport interchanges and partly to the beautification and upliftment of the Blackheath Industrial Area.

Join us in celebrating these projects that are being rolled out in partnership with the Blackheath City Improvement District and the City of Cape Town.

Maintenance and cleaning of our roadways in June 2014









Upon reflection of the last month, taking into account the worst winter for Cape Town, BCID staff went out to ensure that every single road  in the Industrial area, is well kept, clean and where necessary upgrades were identified and registered with the City of Cape Town. We will be following up with the municipality to ensure that the cleanliness and conditions of our roads are effectively maintained especially during winter months.

As previously identified, serious damage was done to our Fever trees over the last few months and it seems that , the intentional damage is surfacing again. In the event that you witness any such damage we urge you to report the incident as soon as possible. Our emergency number is 0860 000 2243, you can also contact the ST3 security control room on 021 905 3399.


If you want an instant high speed reaction please phone Brendan directly on his cell phone on 082 927 0515 if you see this criminal in action!  I want to catch this vandal and will offer a reward of R500 to the person who helps us track them down!

Verge upgrades in June 2014

image006 We have officially began rolling out our street name visibility project. We have started in Wimbledon road, and will ensure that over the next two months all street names are visible.
image008 image007
image010 image009

At the beginning of July 2014 the City of Cape Town contracted Shar Civils to upgrade the whole of Range Road.  Sidewalks will be laid out from the corner of Buttskop and Range Road until past Blackheath station.  The sidewalk in School Road will only be laid out on one side.  The section between Stellenbosch Arterial and Wimbledon Road will also be upgraded. Site Supervisor of Shar Civils confirmed that project will be completed by June, July 2015.

This project has been long awaited and we are extremely grateful for these upgrades that are happening in the area as I’m sure it will make a difference to the safety of our pedestrians and will have a good impact on the beautification of the area.  WE welcome this partnership with the City of Cape Town.

Welcome to new company – Poolmate

image011Poolmate is a wholesale supplier to the swimming pool and spa industry in South Africa with branches in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town. With more than 20 years of experience in the pool and spa industry, they focus on supplying a complete package to developers, contractors, pool builders and pool retailers.

 Main Services:

  • Luxurious spas
  • Fibreglass pools in kit form
  • Builder packs
  • Fibreglass, resins and materials
  • Swimming pool products
  • Expert advise
  • Superior customer service assistance

Poolmate is situated at 26 Electron Road, Blackheath and you can contact them on 021 905 9850 during office hours.


After manymonths of low crime incidents in our area we are experiencing more attempted and even successful business break-ins which is alarming and of great concern. What wefound is that in many cases these crimes are “opportunistic” in nature due to businesses, vehicles and equipment not properly being secured.

We therefore urge you to review our check-list below. If you find that some of the issues below apply to you, please take the necessary proactive steps to eliminate them and ensure the safety and security of your business and property.

• Do not leave your access and security gates open or unlocked – especially after hours and on weekends. This includes communal property at business parks.
• Please check your alarm system. When last did you test it and does it work? Is it connected to an alarm monitoring company and do you have an armed response company acting on the alarms? Do they have your after-hours contact details?
• If your alarm is connected via telephone or radio, does this link work? When last did you test this with your alarm monitoring company and when last was your alarm serviced?
• Do you have designated key-holders for your business? Do they lock up properly? Do they know how to set the alarm?
• If you have an electric fence, does it still work? When last did you check your electric fences?
• If you have surveillance cameras present at your premises ensure that the recordings are stored safely in a secure location. When last have you serviced your CCTV system? Is the quality of your CCTV footage acceptable?
• Have you provided the City Improvement District Manager with the contact information for your business? In cases of emergency such as fire or water damage it is imperative for the CID to be able to contact the responsible person for the property.

• Please secure wooden pallets – they make very good ladders for criminals to use.
• External Air-conditioning units have been targeted in most industrial areas over the last few months – units should be mounted out of reach of potential trespassers but should ideally be secured with an alarm beam covering the area.
• If you have business vehicles, please ensure that they are locked overnight and stored in a secure location. Please also ensure that the loading bay or canopy is secure and don’t leave valuable tools and equipment in these vehicles unless they can be securely locked and all vehicle keys are stored in a safe area.
• Also ensure that fuel caps and vehicle batteries are secured to the vehicles and locked.
•  Ensure that the doors of your premises are securely locked and have solid locks.
• Secure your property with outside lighting at night – This does not only serve as a deterrent but makes patrolling the outside of your property much easier.
• If you handle cash on your premises please ensure that your property is secured. That you do not follow a noticeable banking pattern and that the physical cash held on the premises are kept to a minimum.

• Ensure that all electronic equipment are switched off after hours and that all electronic devices and valuable items are stored and secured. If you would like a free security assessment of your premises, please feel free to contact our office or via email and we will arrange this with our Safety service provider, ST3 Security.

School News in June 2014

Happy Feet Creche

image013 image012

Aphilayo Amanzi

On Wednesday 4th, the kids of the school went to the reading centre and visited the museum in Cape Town.  Five French exchange students joined the kids on their outing.  The students came to South Africa to help Sing for Africa and spend some time with the kids and express their love and care.

At the reading centre the exchange students had some time to bond with the students and express their love to these kids.

image015 image014
image017 image016

Blackheath Business Retention and Expansion Strategy Survey

The Blackheath Business Retention and Expansion Strategy Survey that was carried out by the City of Cape Town on request of the Blackheath CID a few months ago.  Sixty-two local companies participated in this survey and the findings are included in a Repor.  Click here to download the report or go to our downloads section.

Blackheath City Improvement District News – May 2014

BCIDWelcome to the May edition of the Blackheath CID!  This was a very busy month for the staff and Directors of the BCID as we reviewed the Blackheath Business Retention and Expansion Strategy Survey that was carried out by the City of Cape Town on request of the Blackheath CID a few months ago.  Sixty-two local companies participated in this survey and the findings are included in a Report that is available on our website at

You may download and peruse this document and we welcome any feedback that you would like to provide.  During our workshops with Officials from the City of Cape Town’s Economic Development directorate we highlighted area concerns and prioritised certain issues in order to create a platform for future consultation with the City and the respective directorates that could attend to these concerns and issues that we feel are a priority. Continue reading

BCID Cleaning News – May 2014

In the past month we were happy to see the City of Cape Town solid waste staff assisting us with street sweeping.  They managed to complete a few of the roads in a short period of time and gave the BCID staff time to focus on other priorities.  For the past few months we did not manage to do cleansing in Artisan way due to all the development happening there. Busmark 2000 finished up their development last month and are now in full operation and the BCID team were despatched there in full force again.

The entire of Range Road has been mowed and slowly but surely we trying our best to do other verges.  Would be appreciated if each business owner can ensure that verge around their property is kept tidy.  This will help our staff a lot as we do not have the man power to maintain each and every verge.  Our task is mainly to cleanse by doing litter picking.




BCID men working



Verge Upgrades

image004 image005

Line painting

After a long wait the City of Cape Town came and attended to the line painting in Wimbledon Road and all other roads throughout the Blackheath Industrial Area.  As you can see on the image the circle at intersection of Wimbledon and Buttskop Road is looking very tidy and the lines are now visible. We trust that the city will upgrades throughout the Industrial area. The BCID staff managed to prune all the fever trees in the area before the winter weather started and will continue with the cleaning of storm water canals during this month.