News – April 2015

267348_10150345923741521_784791520_9809620_5514020_nBCIDThe March edition of the Blackheath City Improvement District was slightly delayed due to fact that sometimes good news takes a bit longer to present than expected and some of our most important projects sometimes don’t finish at month end and deserve a bit of extra time so that we can ensure that we can bring the news to you.

The news that makes us the winning team that we are! The news that means more safety, more security, better property values and a closer-knit community that strive to make Blackheath a safe and preferred Industrial Area where we do business and where our business partners envy us and speak about the progress that we make, together.

For years we as a team and as business owners in Blackheath have been discussing infrastructure. Roads, storm-water, water supply, sewerage, street lighting, schools, formal housing in Happy Valley, road networks, painted lines, stop streets, speed calming, pre-schools, early childhood development centres and the partnerships with the

role players were all items featuring high on our list of objectives.

Services relating to Law Enforcement including Traffic Services, SAPS, Metro Police and also Health, Welfare, Social Development, Environmental Health, Area Cleansing and Area Cleaning all featured just as high on our list of priorities.

What we see today in Blackheath is a dramatic turnaround, although only the beginning of progress in infrastructure and a further progression of efforts in advancing the infrastructure in the Blackheath area made possible by the Blackheath CID team.

It is by no means a small achievement and is the result of much hard work, not only by the team at the Blackheath CID, but also by all property owners who contribute to the initiative AND the Officials of the City of Cape Town who support our cause and drive this process with us and for us for the benefit of all including property owners, business owners, tenants and staff of the Blackheath Industrial Area.

I may be rambling slightly, but I think it is important that we all realise just how much effort goes into the results and progress that we see on a daily basis and who the people are who contribute to this and, in addition, that the contribution includes that made by all property owners within the Blackheath CID footprint.