Infrastructure and local development

A lot has been happening as far as infrastructure is concerned and anybody who travels through Blackheath regularly will have seen a flurry of Council vehicles contractors attending to works, not just over the last few months following the World Cup, but before this event also.

Storm Water:

All the water canals and storm water canals within the area have been cleared and cleaned since the 01st of June 2010. There are still those, like the ones situated in Rand Road that need to be repaired and upgraded, but this is in process and we are constantly attending to storm water issues. We hope that by now we have identified and addressed or plan to address all issues, please inform me immediately if you have an issue with Storm Water you feel may not have been flagged.

Issues were resolved at the following locations:

  • Range Road – Various issues between the Stellenbosch Arterial Road and the Four Way Stop, with blockages cleared and illegal dumping and pollution from local factories.
  • Electron Avenue – New infrastructure installed on the Corner of Electron and Wimbledon Roads linking to the storm water channel.
  • Wimbledon Road – Clearing of the channel Between Cape Concrete and the Four Way Stop
  • Wimbledon Road – Cleaning of the storm water drains at the verge from Allens Meshco at the Four Way Stop until Metal Road
  • Range Road – New V-Channel laid in front of the cafe on the corner of Range Road and Helene Avenue
  • Barewood Close – Repair and cleaning of storm water drains and pipes. Further dealing with illegal dumping and waste from local factories.
  • Clearing of channels along Station Road.
  • The clearing of pipes along Metal Road that were blocked as a result of trees that were felled along this route.
  • Nebula Crescent – The ongoing repair to truck damaged Storm Water Inlets and general clearing of blocked drains on the main stretch. Mostly sand filled as a result of sand being blown into the inlets.
  • Rand Road – The repair to driveways and the constant clearing of the open channel as a result of sand deposits from local businesses.
  • Anfield Road – The rebuilding of damaged inlets and the ongoing clearing of sand and litter from channels.
  • Trafford Road – The ongoing clearing of sand and litter from the channels.
  • Waggie Road – General maintenance of storm water channels.
  • Heath Circle – General maintenance of storm water channels.
  • Warrior Crescent – The cutting out and replacement of stolen manhole covers and the clearing of the resultant sand filled storm water pipes.
  • School Road – The installation of new Storm Water pipes to service MacAdams.
  • Buttskop Road and Range Road – Repairs and maintenance to inlet

Future works:

  • The continued upgrade of driveways in Rand Road
  • More regular cleaning for Rand Road
  • The paving of the sites in Range Road at the corner of Range and Helene and Range and Nicole Avenues.
  • Infrastructure for Wimbledon Road
  • Infrastructure for School Road


Ongoing repairs to potholes and various other minor works have been carried out since June 2010.

Potholes repaired in:

  • Wimbledon Road
  • School Road
  • Rand Road
  • Anfield Road
  • Trafford Road
  • Metal Road
  • Range Road

Line painting refreshed in:

  • Metal Road
  • Wimbledon Road
  • Buttskop Road
  • Range Road
  • The entrances to Wimbledon Road
  • School Road