Cleansing Operations

As previously stated, major cleansing operations have taken place on the residential boundaries of Happy Valley and Blackheath and Gaylee during August, where residents litter and throw garden refuse and general waste over their walls and into the public space.  300 Blue bags were filled with litter from these locations in a two week period between the 3rd and the 15th of August 2015.  200 of these bags were filled along the stretch between Happy Valley and Wimbledon Road where the majority of dumped waste included spent nappies…

In September, as we welcome Spring, we also welcome growth.  This will be a month of trying to mow all verges and prune trees around the Blackheath Industrial Area where you will see our team attending to pruning during this and next week.

Give them a hoot and a wave in encouragement as they are very hard working and committed to the task.

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