Innovative companies interested in exporting invited to join Mayor to Turkey

jijGreenCape members interested in exporting or who are already exporting may be interested in this opportunity to join the Mayor to the IzmirInternational Fair, offered by the City and Wesgro.


WESGRO and the office of the Mayor of Cape Town will be arranging an exhibition to Izmir International Fair 2016 which takes place in Izmir, Turkey from 26-31 August 2016.


Izmir International Fair is a multi-product exhibition with a display a wide range of products and services. The theme for this year is Innovation and items to be showcased at this show range from the following product groups, but not limited to: Automative and Automative Sub Sectors, Durable Consumer Goods, Cosmetics , Textile, Telecommunication Technologies, Electric – Electronic Technologies, Food Products and Technologies, Medical and Chemical Technologies, Agriculture and Pharmaceutical Technologies, Construction and Construction Material Technologies, and Miscellaneous Sectors and Technologies, amongst others. A great variety of major buyers and exhibitors across the globe converge on the show to meet business partners.

Should you be interested in attending this show, please note that there are two possible options with regards to assistance and support.

OPTION 1: Companies to apply for the Individual Exhibition Fund (under EMIA scheme) to the dti.

Should this funding be approved by the dti, claims will be submitted to the dti after the event. The funding will cover the following costs for exhibitors up to:

• 100% of the cost of return flights to a maximum of R17, 000
• Maximum of R2, 300 per day for subsistence allowance to a maximum of 15 days
• Maximum cost of R20, 000 for transport samples (including forwarding and clearing charges)
• Maximum of R50, 000 for exhibition costs.

Attached are the forms and guidelines should you be interested. Applications to be submitted to the dti Campus: EMIA – TEO, Utangamiri Building, 77 Meintjies Street Sunnyside, Pretoria 0002. Please note that the completed EMIA application form, together with required supporting documentation, must be submitted by 22nd June 2016.

Should there be no funding from the dti:

Option 2: Entails Wesgro assisting companies with – 100% of the exhibition costs only.

Companies will therefore be responsible for cost of their flights, accommodation, subsistence and potentially transportation of samples.


michael matongo
assistant trade manager

t: +27 (0) 21 487 8651
m: 078 558 1679

Claire Gemmill
Events and Communications Officer
BA (Anthropology)
L +27 21 811 0250
18 Roeland St, Cape Town, 8001

Thanks and regards,