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About Us

The BCID has been in operation since the 01st July 2005 and is a legal Section 21 Company with a minimum of 6 Directors representative of local businesses. Property Owners and the City of Cape Town approved the CID’s business plan and budget. The CID Board is made up of property owners and is run …

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Notice Annual General Meeting (AGM) The Blackheath City Improvement District NPC (BCID) will be hosting an AGM. All stakeholders are invited to a review of the year’s activities and approval of the extension of the CID term and planning for 2021/22. Due to COVID-19 and the possibility of level changes, please refer to the website …

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Business Directory

Amended Business Directory 2017http://www.bcid.co.za/business-directory/


  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS As amended on 20 June 2017 Special Rating Areas (including City Improvement Districts) What is an SRA? A Special Rating Area (SRA) refers to a clearly defined geographical area, in which property owners contribute additional rates to fund ‘top up’ services for that specific area as per the approved Business Plan. …

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Regional Statistics

City of Cape Town 2017 Socio-economic Profile January – 2018 Blackheath Business Retention and Expansion Final Report – 2016 Subcouncil and Ward Information City of Cape Town Ward 14 Ward Profile

Security Tips

THE CITY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT GUIDE TO CRIME PREVENTION – INCLUDING SAFETY TIPS The most important element for all readers of this guide is to change your mindset.  If you are under the impression, albeit subconsciously, that crime only affects others, then it’s time for a reality check. Prevention is better than cure, therefore we urge …

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Special Rating Areas

Special Rating Areas (SRAs) Property owners wanting enhanced service delivery in their area have the opportunity to establish a special rating area through a partnership with the City of Cape Town. The SRA establishment process is done “at risk” as the City does not provide seed capital and cannot guarantee approval. What is an SRA? …

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Water Restrictions

Level 5 Water Tariffs Level 5 Water Restrictions City of Cape Town Dam Levels Water and Sanitation Services for Business Water Services and the Cape Town Urban Water Cycle Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Water


About the BCID – What is a CID? A Central Improvement District (CID) is a precisely defined geographical area, approved by the City Council in terms of the Municipal Property Rates Act, Section 22 (Special Rates Area) and the CID bylaw – to provide complementary services in that area. The Blackheath City Improvement District is …

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Why invest in Blackheath? Blackheath is one of the only nodes that provide large, serviced, zoned industrial plots at consistent pricing of less than 50% of other areas. So, from a logistics point of view, located centrally on the R300 between the N1 & N2, this area provides serious value and opportunity. Zoning also allows …

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Blackheath AGM Metro Central Partnership Presentation Blackheath AGM Metro Central Partnership Presentation The Blackheath Business Retention and Expansion Program in partnership with the COCT Blackheath Business Retention and Expansion Strategy Survey Report – 2016 City of Cape Town Contact Sheet for the Blackheath Area – August 2018 Click here to Download the Council Contact Sheet …

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Contact Us

Contact the BCID: Brendan van der Merwe brendan@bcid.co.za  Postal Address: P.O. Box 12, Blackheath, 7581 Tel:  021 905 0929 Fax: 086 610 5263 Physical Address: Neulux Logistics, 21 – 23 Wimbledon Road, Blackheath, 7580