Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)


The Blackheath City Improvement NPC (BCID) will be hosting an AGM. All stakeholders are invited to a review of the year’s activities and planning for 2019/20.

Date: 04 October 2018 

Time:  13:00   

Venue: HomeChoice, School Street, Blackheath, 7580

Resolutions presented at the AGM can only be voted on by bona fide members of the BCID.  This membership is available free of charges to all owners of Industrial and Commercial property(ies) within the BCID footprint, but they must be registered before 28 September 2018.

For further information, AGM documentation and how to register go to www.bcid.co.za or e-mail bcid@kingsley.co.za or call 021 905 0929.


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